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Our Love Story by SBM - Visitor's Love Poem

by Dandrev James Matias

I know I have found the right woman for me,

The moment I met her in the faculty,

As I laid my eyes on her with purity

She extended her hand and said I‚€™m JENNY.

I am so happy then for making me one of her friends

Though my desire is for me to become her boyfriend,

Little did she know that I‚€™m falling in love with her,

Because I do believe that Age doesn‚€™t matter.

Soon I found the courage to tell her my feelings

When we‚€™re at the beach on that beautiful evening

I told her ‚€œI love you‚€ and hugged her so tight.

And she replied ‚€œlikewise but this is not right‚€.

Tears were falling down on her beautiful face

When she told me that she‚€™s already engaged

She is getting married to a man of her age

Her special someone during high school days.

I kissed her and whispered on her ears

‚€œSooner or later you will have no tears,

Because I will take away your fears,

If you choose me and stay with me for the rest of your life

I promise I will be a good husband and you will be a happy wife‚€.

This is our love story,

and the rest is history‚€¶ SBM

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