My Friend's Story of Love - Visitor's Story

by Heather
(New Jersey, USA)



When my friend was in Manhattan she was sitting on a bench. Next to her was a boy her age and his dad, but she could not sit there so she listened to their conversation:

DAD: Son, you've been single since February, you need to find love.

BOY: What's love?

DAD: When you fall in love your heart stops, then pounds like a drum. So look around, do you see anyone?

The boy then looked at my friend, and so did his dad.

DAD: Good choice, she'll be great.

BOY: Do you think so?

Just after, her mom walked out of the store, and told her that they have to leave. As she was walking to her car she heard the boy said, "I will never see her again."

My friend said that she had never felt that way about a boy like that, and that she was heart-stricken.

Maybe they will meet in years to come.

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