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This I Know For Sure - Visitor's Story

by Lwazikazi Sunshine Petela
(Port Elizabeth-South Africa)

As I grow older, I have found the school of life to be one of the greatest tutors I have ever come across. It is priceless; the mountains of values, wisdom and truths that I have managed to squeeze and suck out from the life-long lessons gained, just by being alive.

It astonishes me how non-discriminating our great lecturer, life, truly is, for it considers not our past and future, nor does it take into account our social status and financial stand, neither does it sift and sort us out according to how many years we have lived.

No, for life has this amazing ability to search for you and find you, and then to offer you the greatest of understanding in its possession. Life patiently teaches and trains you, diligently seeking to establish and engrave in your heart and soul gems of beautiful, life changing, mysteries and principles. No matter what becomes of you, if you have lived, you are sure to have learned.

Another discovery I have uncovered in my own life; it puzzles me how I now no longer crave the applause, approval and praise of the multitudes that I encounter daily but ironically appreciate the content-filled council and encouragement from the very few people around me, whose lives speak volumes to mine and whose walk, in some way, has paved the path and broken stony ground for that of my own.

This is the primary reason that leads me to conclude that one of the great blessings in life is to have your eyes opened and enlightened to the truth that around you are people who sincerely and passionately love you, who desire that you may succeed and achieve, who earnestly desire to bring out the best, whether it be out of you or in whatever comes your way. I, myself, am aware of very few other things in life that mean as much as the depth and satisfaction that come from loving and being loved.

I believe that in life, we all have a stage that belongs to us and us alone. I imagine it to be a huge wooden stage, surrounded by darkness and illuminated only by the bright spot light fixated on you. I imagine that there is no audience to comment on your performance, rate you on what they think is best or compare you to the previous act. There are not even any judges to "shoo" you away with their hands or to rudely interrupt you in the midst of your session with an annoyed and irritated "next!" In fact, there is no one else there-just you, the spot light and the stage.

In every day we awaken, we are afforded another opportunity to dance, sing or play as we will. With the understanding that no one can take your place, you play your role to the best of your ability.

I embrace my uniqueness, strive to improve on areas needing attention and celebrate my victories. This I do in remembrance that Time has insisted that there be a Me. Life has seen it necessary that I be born. With me I carry tons of experience and truck loads of preparation, I posses qualities and traits that guarantee me a prosperous future. Everything I will face-I will be ready for, everything I will carry- I will have strength for, because everything to come- I was born for and this I know for sure!


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