You and Me - Visitor's Poem

by Yeshi Gemaneh
(Oakland, CA, USA)

Self-appreciation is important to me. I see failure as success, because it will lead me to another challenge. At times things happen beyond my understanding; so much pain and agony – I'll tell myself to keep on going. From years of accumulated life experiences, I've strengthened myself with courage and appreciation. When there were worse conditions, I whispered the following:

You and Me

One might think this is a hard hit
There are many more worse than you think
Think less fortunate ones
When health gets jeopardized
Sudden death of loved ones
When a child loses parents at early age
When one remains on the way
When one faces with insolvent puzzles
When no bread on the table
Digging garbage in search of food
A word of gratitude: for the air we breathe
For the sunshine to warm up cold body
They're too human like you and me