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My Everlasting Dream

by Katie
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

My Dream

My Dream

So here I am, standing on the ground
I've only made for myself.
The dream I've had,
has only been belittled by some.
Pretending like this is going to be fine....
This is what got me smiling all the time,
it's what got me feeling so great.
Gotta stick with it 'cause,
if not I'm only giving up
on everything I've ever dreamed for.
Being brave and staying true to it,
has certainly kept me with this great dream.
When I'm there, riding, I feel nothing
but whole like this has
got to be the only thing.
Being strong is the key,
the key to anyone's success,
you can't expect it to happen if you,
yourself aren't fully devoted.
Devotion is all I have for you,
for this, this whole dream.
It's gonna happen, some day!

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