Breathless - Visitor's Friendship Poem

by Alonna Miller
(Phoenix, AZ, USA)

Believe in a friend and a friendship
will last through eternity till the end of time.
Regardless of the trials and tribulations,
it will survive the years of each others' lifetime
Everlasting and never wavering
the friendship will remain intact till the end.
Always in reach despite being miles apart,
I am always here for you and
you are always there for me.
Together we are connected by a unique bond
that only you and I can experience.
Helping each other throughout our lives
with the struggles of life that arise.
Learning life's lessons separate and together as one.
Excited for each others' accomplishments and victories.
Saddened because we feel each other's
pain and sorrow caused by life and love;
we still have each other no matter
what life throws at each of us.
So complete is our friendship,
not many understand but this is why we are unique.