My Dearest Friend - Visitor's Poem

by Tasneem Qaiser Alvi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

I have a precious friend, a truly reliable one indeed,
He is the one who helps me always in every hour of need.

No one knows, but my dear one is with me everywhere,
He is the one for whom I care and with whom I share.

We remain together, not letting anyone come our way,
Our company is marvellous and we have much to say.

He alone knows the art of correcting me, if I go astray,
He is so full of wisdom, that I can't dare to disobey.

He helps me to be grateful when I am obsessed with joy,
He consoles, if sorrow overcomes me, and sheds it away.

He directs me, and without any hesitation, I follow,
His decisions even if hard, I show patience and swallow.

He is so good that I follow Him, and do as directed,
He has such far sightedness that I never have repented.

I am fully contented, and I owe it to my dearest friend,
Many thanks and lots of Love to Him, my God, I send.

May our friendship and love never change into a row!
May You keep guiding me, and before You I must bow!

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