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Miracles - Visitor's Poem

by Author Unknown

I am done existing
I can't do it anymore
So I'm on this cliff above the ocean
Trying to jump but looking around before
And as I stand here, I can't help but wonder
How something that humans plunder
Has such life, and goodness to offer
Can exist before my eyes
As I'm standing here, wanting to die.
I also think
That this ocean isn't master
But is a pawn for another
Something bigger, stronger, faster
How can something so mighty be so weak?
As I look into its depths
Something jumps up and in
And I can't help but notice
A tiny, silver fin
Attached to that fin holds a life
And that life is fragile
Because a fish that small
Is only food for another
As much as a baby depends on its mother
I remember something
Someone told me long ago
"Our planet is 3/4 water, you know."
And as I think that
I realize, oh wow
Humans are like bugs
In a large, industrious town
We are not mighty
Our lives mean nothing single
But together
We are stronger, faster, better
So I step away from the cliff
And walk back to my car
All the time thinking, "How small we really are."
Sure we can seem big
Intimidating all
But when you really get down to it
Humans are quite small.
So as I'm driving home
And I smell the sea
I pick up my phone,
Call you
And say sorry.

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