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Colors of the World - Visitor's Poem

by Aryn Nantau
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

Her little girl eyes are filled with fear,
I donā€™t know how to explain things to her.
I want to mend her wounds and make things feel okay.
Tears dampen her face, big blue pools describe her eyes.
She grabs my hand and I feel my heart pounds.
She needs my comfort, she needs my courage.
She doesnā€™t understand this world we live in.
I decide to tell her that I donā€™t understand it either.
In her mind the world is still a game filled with
bright colors and candy.
So tonight I try and find the bright colors.
She guides me with a childā€™s hand through a garden.
Itā€™s dark out she points up at the stars.
She then points at the flowers all of the colors and shapes.
She points at the moon glimmering in the sky.
She points at a hill off in the distance and
the green grass below our feet.
She looks up at me now and asks me to find the colors with her.
I pick her up and point my finger to her heart.
Your heart is full of the most beautiful colors.


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