Haikus by Tanja Cilia
(Starting from Letter R -Z)

Rain again, today;
Veil of water hides the sun...
Or is it my tears?

Rain pelts down in pails;
Thunderstorm makes a racket;
My fav’rite weather!

Rain quenches parched earth;
But monsoons flood and destroy...
Both quirks of nature.

Rain, sleet, hail and snow;
Claps of thunder, lightening bolts...
Winter in my heart.

Rainbow in the sky
Sunshine on a rainy day
Maltese winter-time!

Rainbow reflections
Inverted in a dewdrop

Rainbows straddling skies
Emerging after tempests
Colouring my life

Rainy weather reigns
In my mind and in my heart;
And outside as well.

Rapidly climbing
Each trekker wants to be first
To reach the summit.

Read between the lines
For a smile of approval –
A whole new ball-game.

Read between the lines
Look at every fallen leaf
Each has its history

Reality’s dreams
Goose and fish in their own worlds
In a splash they meet.

Red is for passion;
Courage, blood and sacrifice...
Anger, sin, and guilt.

Red Orange Yellow
Green Indigo and Violet
But Never The Blues.

Red sky in the morn
Clouds refract the dawn of time
But peace conquers all.

Red sky in the night
Says tomorrow will be fine -
If we're together.

Reflections of Life
Upside down in the waters;
Refractions of Death.

Reflections of life
When I look into your eyes;
Still waters run deep.

Remnants of the night -
Shadows in the morning light
Loom over my life.

Revenge is so sweet
When done unto someone else;
To you... it's bitter.

Riding on the draught
Catching the glint of sunlight -
Memories and dreams.

Ring the bells for joy
Today my life is renewed
Blank pages to write

Ripples of laughter
From a plant bursting through soil
If you listen well.

Robin feels the cold;
Shivering on the wet branch –
Not a Christmas card!

Roses smell of love –
Carnations, of funerals...
And violets, of spring.

Roses so fragrant
Always attempting to hide
Their pitiless thorns.

Running and tumbling
Helter-skelter down the hill;
Catch me if I fall.

Running for his life -
The cat who stole all the cream...
Afraid of a broom!

Sad, mad, glad or bad...
A riptide of emotions
Flowing through my head.

Sadness overwhelms –
Shutters hide the window panes
Of all my heart’s woes.

Safe in a cocoon,
Wanting freedom nonetheless...
Gorgeous butterfly!

Salt cannot sweeten
Sugar often turns bitter;
Just as life turns sour.

Salty oyster sauce
Drizzled over pan-fried fish...
Served with fresh salad.

Sand-castles crumble
And sand dunes are blown away;
Sand-storms create chaos.

Sandstorms in teacups;
Hurricane in a zephyr...

Sapphire ocean
Amber clouds in opal skies
Diamonds in your glance

Satin-soft kisses,
Caresses light as lace –
Love tender as silk.

Scents of my childhood
Lingering in my fancy
Like balm to my ache.

Scents of yesteryear;
Chicken broth, lamb stew and more...
A warm welcome home.

Scintillating drops –
Splish-splash! Water splatter-spray;
Hose-pipe holiday!

Scintillating stars
Stardust floating in the air –
Permeating souls.< />

Sea and Ocean cry
Clouds rain sludge and dark secrets
Mankind kills, then dies.

Sea of amber waves
Undulating in the wind
For our daily bread.

Sea water tastes sweet
In dreams that can't be explained;
Mere wish fulfilment?

Seagulls flying high
Flowers blooming like our love
Smell the new-mown hay

Seagulls flying high
Swooping down as trawlers fish
Hoping to scrounge meals.

Seas of golden wheat
Today swaying in the wind
Tomorrow - bread rolls!

Seashells line the shore
Empty vessels, once held life –
Mere shards of beauty

Seashells so perfect
Whorls in the golden ratio...

seaside of my dreams
ozone smell invigorates
when will I return?

Seasons come and go.
Eternity does not move;
Always there, waiting.

Second hand whirls round.
Pendulum swings. Both mark time -
Two means to one end.

Second hand whirls round;
Pendulum swings, marking time.
Two means to one end.

Secrets when untold
Dwell within the heart and mind
Stealing all my joy

See the flowers bloom
Open your eyes to the truth
Spend all your kisses

Serpent sloughs her skin
Deciduous trees shed leaves
Change and growth as one.

Shaft of sunlight
Shears the forest canopy
To nurture a weed.

Shafts of sunlight peep
Through the slats of my louvers
Slices so joyful.

Share your time with me
And I will multiply it
By eternity

Sharp lemon sorbet
Drizzled with heather honey
Thrilling my taste-buds.

She sings my praises –
Fine words butter no parsnips.
I know she hates me.

Shelf-life of my love
Has no expiry date;
Best-by "forever"!

Shelter from the sun
Run away from all that heat
Stay within my hug

Shivering winters
Or sweltering summer time –
The earth still revolves.

Shoulder the burden;
Don’t hesitate, ask for help –
Strength lies in numbers.

Shoulder to shoulder
Together through life’s trials; and
United we stand.

Shrinking violets bloom
Trying to escape notice –
Scent gives them away.

Shy, shrinking violets
Sprout amongst stinging nettles
Seeking survival.

Side by side we walk
Each cocooned in our own world
So close… yet so far.

Silence in the night
Punctured by the sound of sobs;
No more two-morrows.

Silence is golden;
But not when you keep secrets
That could save a life.

Silence is golden
But not when you have secrets
That you want to share

Silk-stranded cobwebs
catch our love and hold our dreams
embroidering time

Silver collection
Locked away for fear of theft…
Gathering tarnish

Silver river flows
Fish fight against the current
Like running uphill.

Since you have not walked
Two moons in my moccasins
You do not know me!

Sitting on the fence
Wishing that the earth would move...
So I could fall off.

Skyline silhouette
City speckled with bright lights;
Many lives mangled.

Sleep and rest eloped
Leaving me feeling jilted
At four in the morning.

Sleep, so elusive,
When it happens… full of dreams…
That become nightmares.

Sleeping dogs, they lie
They don’t want to spill the beans
About who feeds them.

Sleeping so soundly
Fire-breathing dragon smiles.
In his mind... ice-cream!

Slip slide down the slope
savour the sensuous scents
stop being so suave

Sliver of morning
beginning of creation
silence amidst the chaos

Slivers of my heart
Melted by the falling tears
Unrequited love

Slowly and surely
The sun rises from the east
A new dawn for all

Slowly but surely
As the tortoise wends it way
Our love has flourished

Slowly creeping
The snail tries to climb the sycamore -
And meets Zacchaeus!

Smile, laugh, cry or frown –
A gamut of emotions…
Just another day.

Smiles between strangers
Ships passing in the night-time
Or love at first sight!

Snapshots in my mind
Shades of white and black and grey
Etched within my soul

Snow cascades downhill
Memories try to escape
I remember both

Snow covers the ground...
Lonely robin seeking worms...
Will he die today?

Snow that lights up nights
Flakes that make the darkness bright
Firing up my soul

Snowflake so pretty,
Hiding frozen heart within;
Appearances lie!

So close yet so far
Horizons are forever
Heaven is nearer.

Soft as eider-down,
Gentle as the morning dew,
Tender is your glance.

Solid rock of hope
Anchor of reality;
We all need a friend.

Some decisions hurt
Selecting an option’s tough –
When you want them both.

Sometimes it happens;
Flowers speak better than words...
A red rose says love.

Spare me your claptrap;
Body language tells it all:
(I saw you kiss her!).

Sparrows chirp humbly,
Nightingales sings their hearts out;
But parrots...parrot!

Speak to me of love
Empathy’s even better;
I feel forsaken.

Spearheads of bright light
Sunlight shafting in the dark
Piercing hearts and souls.

Spider in its web;
Waiting for the evening meal...
Local restaurant!

Spider wipes his feet
Squats at centre of his web
And dines on fly pie.

Spilled milk? Do not cry;
Futile recriminations
Are a waste of time.

Spit into the wind –
And it blows back in your face
This much I have learnt.

Spring awakens life;
Blossoms peeking through the soil...
Destroyed, for they're weeds.

Spring-cleaning fever
Dust-bunnies run for cover –
For here comes the broom!

Spring tide brings the whelks,
Cockles, mussels, limpets too,
Bouillabaisse galore!

Squealing with delight
Piglet dives into the mud...
Going the whole hog.

Squalls and wet weather
Lightening and thunderstorms too
Bleakest of futures

Squirrel gnawing nuts
Not a worry in the world
Except his next meal.

Squirrel hoarding nuts
For imagined tomorrows
That may never come.

Starfish on the shore
Reflection of the night sky
Nestling in pebbles.

Statues standing still
Thinking of what life was like
When they were alive.

Stealthily sliding
Meandering through the grass,
Slithery serpent.

Stealthy cats tip-toe
Along tops of city walls;
Their concrete jungle.

Still-life strands of time;
Frozen moments to evoke;
Candid cameras.

Still undecided;
I meet sad and happy souls...
Whom will I be like?

Still waters run deep -
She sits there, meek and quiet...
Revenge in her heart.

Stone Age relics stand
Reminding us of times past
Belief transcends time.

Stone by heavy stone
The mighty castle is built –
A futile stronghold.

Strawberries and cream;
A life where nothing's lacking...
Except peace of mind.

Streams that flow unchecked
Torrents of adversity
Are but thawed glaciers

Starting a new life
Having lived on borrowed time...
Forgetting the past

Steep mountains to climb;
Gales of unrelenting force...
Story of my life.

Still waters run deep;
Dowdy mum in the mornings...
Street-walker at night.

Storm on horizon
Weathercock in a whirlwind;
It’s called puppy love.

Strawberry jam. Toast.
Splash of milk on table cloth.
Family breakfasts.

Strength needs a soft heart
Toughness needs a warm soul too
Positive union.

Strutting and swaying,
She sashays down the catwalk;
Model behaviour.

Subliminal thoughts
Metaphysical questions…
And then there’s the truth

Suddenly I sense
The Tulips and the Roses
Crying for lost youth

Suddenly you came
Rainbow arc across my sky
Technicolour gem

Summer Zephyr breeze
Could blow my cover away
If I let it.

Summer Zephyr blows
Cares and worries fly away...
Like floating whispers.

Sun, sea, sand and breeze
What more could I desire?
Simple: your presence.

Sun, sea, sand and love
What else could a person want
When days are counted?

Sun sets on my dreams
My hopes are drowned in sorrow
Life is so unfair.

Sun shines through the tree
Lighting up the forest floor;
Tigers stretch and yawn.

Sunday night party
Monday morning hang-over
Surely that’s not “fun?

Sunset of my mind
Winter melting into spring
Sunrise of my soul

Sunset paints the sky
Morning clears the hues away
Switching off the stars.

Sunshine, and then rain;
Laughter, that’s followed by tears –
You can’t win them all.

Sugar in coffee
Adds sweetness to the bitter –
Contrary to Life.

Summer makes me sweat;
Winter chills make me shiver;
That’s the way it goes.

Swaying in the wind
Fields of wheat bow to pressure
But then spring back straight

Sweltering sunshine
Sweat running all down my face
Heart ensconced in ice

Sweetness of honey:
I’d swap it any day for
Saltiness of brine.

Sympathy is good
Yet empathy’s much better:
Step into my shoes.

Tacit agreements
Aren’t worth their paperwork –
Or so I am told.

Take life as it comes
Science cannot solve problems;
Mould your own future.

Taking no chances;
All my eggs in one basket –
And I’m watching it!

Talking to a wall
Pearls of wisdom, thrown to swine –
What a waste of time.

Tampered evidence
Snapshots that belie the truth
Memory plays tricks.

Tears, when I'm alone.
Laughter, when I am with friends.
I don't want pity.

Tears will solve nothing –
Unless collected and used,
To wash minds, hearts, souls!

Tenacious life-skill -
Ivy clinging to the walls;
Holding on to time.

Tender are your words
Emotive undercurrent
Refracting your love

Tenuous droplet;
Tiny, complete universe
Within the sheer walls.

Thank you, please, sorry;
Words people have forgotten;
Alas, no etiquette!

That chapter is closed
Peanut shells and broken dreams -
Can’t tell them apart!

The abalone shell
Knows the secrets of the sea –
Whispers in my ear.

The alarm bells ring
Setting off chain reactions
Of love and hatred.

The ant looks up
Thinking the gnat’s a giant
And the gnu disdains both

The anteaters’ nose
And the elephants’ trunk –
Pigs’ snouts, but longer!

The ape grooms her mate
The wife fixes hubby’s tie
It’s all the same thing.

The beholder’s eyes
Perceive beauty where others
See torn spiders’ webs.

The best thing by far
Is to let bygones be things
That never happened

The best things in life
Are free - or so they tell us;
That's why love's priceless.

The bird chirps his song
Watching children laugh and play
A song… and a dance!

The birth of a child;
History is in the making
Who knows what will be?

The breezes of change
Metamorphose into squalls
When you are not near

The buttered door-steps;
The freshly-ground coffee beans;
Our shared late breakfast.

The clock hides his face
When the Moon decides to sleep –
Reluctant to look.

The clouds are patterns
Holding on to memories
Rainbows tied in knots

The clown is so sad;
When the Circus comes to Town,
He has to laugh.

The current reveals
Secrets of the river-bed,
As the waters flow.

The curtains drawn tight,
Furniture covered in sheets;
This house is history.

The dog strains his leash
The bird bangs against the cage
Both want their freedom

The Drama Queen shrieks;
Underneath all her make-up
She’s just a spoilt brat.

The flowers of May
Perfume the air with their scent
And colour my life

The forest beckons
Sunshine flows across the sky
Come taste the future

The fruit on the tree
Looks tempting, though it’s poison;
Ask Eve… and Adam!

The funeral’s done...
They offer condolences.
She is alone now.

The future is now
The past is not a blue-print
The present's a gift.

The future is tense
The past is also present
What will be, has gone.

The glass is half-full
Fire and ice will fight it out
I'll wait until dawn

The hyenas laugh
Crocodiles pretend they’re crying;
Jaguars are not cars.

The leaf falls gently
Caressed by the soft breeze
That blesses the land

The longest journey
Starts with the first tiny step;
So does the shortest!

The meaning of Life
Is a tangled skein of wool
Or Snakes and Ladders

The meaning of life
Resides deep in a nutshell
Waiting to be cracked

The microscope shows
Each petal of every rose
Wants to be the best.

The mirrors reflect me
The pool tries to do so too
Eyes would be better!

The mist and the haze
Won't obscure the horizon
When we're together

The mists of time flow
Yet infinity stands still;
Time is an hourglass.

The moon has turned black
The sun and stars will not shine
Just your love-light left

The mountain rises
Visible between the vales
Will it ever fall?

The neck of a swan
Asks a very big question:
Do you really care?

The pasts forgotten
The futures that are unknown
Leave a now that counts

The path to nowhere
Evanescent avenue
I know, I've been there

The peaks of mountains
The tips of icebergs as well
Crown my love's zenith

The perennial blooms
In the garden of my mind
Can never wither.

The postman rings twice,
Every morning, without fail...
Exclaims “You’ve got mail!

The power of white
Is something that will conquer
The evil of black

The problem with kids
Is that although they''ll have grown
They're still kids at heart

The Queen is coming!
She walks over strewn flowers...
So regal... so sad!

The question remains
Is love an art or science?
Now, that's a tough one!

The rivulets meet
Skipping over pebbles
Confluence of minds

The rock of my life
The horizon of forever
The emptiness knows

The rocks of basalt
Incessantly gnawed by froth
Are yet eroded

The seed becomes wheat
Only when and if it dies –
Ultimate love child.

The seeds of malice
Grow when sown in fertile ground
Weeds that choke all else.

The sigh in your yawn
When you wake up in the night
Is fraught with meanings.

The sky’s a canvas
Passers-by cannot see them...
Pictures in the sky.

The slam of a door
May mean either of two things –
Coming, or leaving.

The smell of coffee
Butter melting on hot toast –
Sensual sensations.

The smell of the sea
Reminds me of my childhood...
Carefree days – now gone!

The squirrel hoards nuts,
Saving for a rainy day -
They're his umbrella!

The sternest of looks
Can hide the kindest of hearts –

The storm is coming
Quick, batten down the hatches,
Or it's "Lost At Sea".

The sun is shining
But there’s winter in my hearts –
Because you are gone.

The sun shines through clouds
The rays shaft into my mind;
And I see clearly.

The telephone rings
One moment changes a life
Destroys or mends it

The thorns of a rose
Remind you, by drawing blood
That life's not perfect.

The thunder rumbles
Billowing clouds forecast rain;
Take your umbrella!

The tinkle of coins,
The rustle of paper notes...
For love of Mammon.

The treadmill of life
When days are endlessly cloned -
Much ado for naught.

The truth frightens me.
Reality is scary;
I can’t face the facts.

The view from the top
And the view from the bottom,
Are not that different.

The volcano seethes
Recalling its Genesis;
Will it erupt soon?

The whisper of rain
Hides the sound of all the tears
Flowing copiously

The whisper of time
Is so loud when you don't want
To broadcast your life.

The wind, in the trees,
When it's whistling and wailing,
Makes me feel lonely.

The wind wails and howls
Trying to make us listen
To what's important

The world’s a tortoise
Hiding in a carapace
Of fear and sorrow.

There are no answers...
Time and tide wait for no man;
Life and love flow on.

There's a storm brewing
Shadows run across my face
Clouds that threaten rain

Think of me today
Tomorrow I may be gone
Time will not stand still.

Think with your feet;
Run with your imagination,
And look with your heart.

Through life’s long journey
Who will pay the ferryman?
Each of us, I guess.

Though still half awake,
Dreamland fills my head with thoughts;
Castles in the air!

Thoughts of summers past;
Warm water lapping the shore...
Precious childhood days.

Through the haze I see
Your smile as you wait for me
To put on my specs!

Through the looking glass
Other sides of life appear,
Challenging the truth.

Throughout my journey
The far-away horizon
Never moves closer

Throughout the aeons
The Child is Father of Man -
Or so I've been told.

Time cannot fathom
The distance between two hearts
When they beat as one.

Time immemorial's
Elastic eternity;
Infinite future

Time, in outer space,
Does not follow any rules;
It’s not bound by clocks.

Time is a mystery
Could a clock rewind?
Or time’s sands run out?

Tinkling merrily
Ice-cubes in a long, cold drink
Not knowing they’ll melt

Tiny ant struggles:
Lifting ten times its own weight
For the common good.

The viper rises
It writhes, then promptly attacks;
Satiated, it sleeps.

The waiting is bad
Getting what you want is worse
That’s human nature!

Think before you speak
Misspoken words wreck futures…
Unspoken ones, too.

Thoughts and wishes walk
Through corridors of my mind;
They find no respite.

Thoughts of summers past;
Warm water lapping the shore...
Precious childhood days.

Tiger, imprisoned
Caged and pacing to and fro
Dreaming of freedom.

Tight dress and high heels –
She’s a human Barbie Doll;
Plastic fantastic!

Time is a mystery;
Stretched elastic that springs back
To hurt and haunt you.

Time is a tunnel
With no light at either end;
You must find the switch!

Time mars everything;
A knight in shining armour
Gets rust in his joints!

Time, moving slowly...
So inexorably keen
Like snails climbing trees.

To be loved is bliss;
Unrequited love's heartache...
I'll stick to coffee.

To cycle alone
On a tandem built for two
Needs dexterity.

To err is human –
Apologise if you must...
But don’t dwell on it.

To show their anger
Snake hisses and llama spits–
I wish they would smile.

Today I am dead
I wonder what they're feeling
Those I left behind

Together we'll climb
Mountains of adversity;
Rise to the challenge!

Too hurt to forgive -
Action replay in slo-mo'
Too much to forget.

Treacherous marshland,
Quicksand seeming calm and smooth;
Waiting to devour.

Truffle in the soil:
Worth its weight in gold, but not
Until it is found!

Trussed in a tangle
Knots in the silk rope of life –
The rough chokes the smooth.

Truth is my witness
I fear no one and nothing;
Honesty’s my shield.

Turning the corner,
Running madly, out of breath -
Will the nightmare end?

Twisting and turning
Life’s cogs and wheels rotate fast,

Trust me with your soul
I’ll nurture and cherish it;
Cocoon it in mine.

Two hearts beat as one
A portrait of the future
The mirror of love

ultraviolet thoughts
rainbow arc spanning heaven
infrared sorrows

Unchecked tears now flow
Down the path to oblivion;
Everything turns dark.

Undercurrent tow
Steel-grey waters drown my dreams
Sucked in their vortex

Undulating sands
Each grain an individual
In the flow of time.

Undulating waves;
Ships rise and fall in the troughs –
Perilous journeys.

Unsteady of gait,
Happiness is a penguin
Alone on a floe.

Uphill all the way
The path that leads to nowhere
I will not give up

Vacuum threatens me
Space and time cease to exist
If I’m not with you.

velvet scent of blooms
twirling in the autumn breeze
set my spirit free

Violet, rose, poppy-
Cherry, lilac, hyacinth
Shades and scents of spring


Void as a vacuum
Empty rooms echo silence;
The stillness of death.

Walking through a fog;
Dim, blurred shadows surround me;
Will the sun come out?

Warm marshmallow pie
Or cold chocolate-chip ice-cream…
Lingering summers.

Warnings and whispers;
Distilled wisdom of others -
Now I know they're true.

Waves break and rocks cry;
Each drop of spray is a tear
With its own story.

Waves kiss the seashore
Making empty promises
That they will return.

Waxy, tall tulip;
No scent, just empty beauty,
Hankering for praise.

We all know the tale
Of the bird and the worm
Who rued waking up!

We share a secret;
Blink and you will miss my wink...
This joke is serious.

Wear the green ribbon
Bite your lip, get up and dance;
zX#Blink and you will miss my wink...
This joke is serious.

Wear the green ribbon
Bite your lip, get up and dance;
Live life as it comes.

Wearing dowdy clothes
Hiding behind the silence
Yearning to be loved....

Webs of deceit spin,
Strangling everything in silk,
Softly smothering.

Wee Robin trembling
On a branch amidst the snow.
Postcard? Starvation!

Weeping willows cry
Reminding me of tears shed
Before I knew you

We’re so unalike
Oil and vinegar don’t mix;
But our souls are one.

Wet fog in the air;
Brother Sun's not up today...
Is he bored with life?

What a fine feeling
I'm having a bad hair day
But you do not mind

What makes you happy?
Think back to when you were young;
A hug was enough.

What they say's not true;
A rose by another name
Would not smell the same.

When icicles break off
In caverns below the ground,
No one knows – or cares.

When you hear gossip,
You know that who repeats it
Has an agenda.

Whether sweet or sour
Bitter or maybe salty
Life is worth living

When a baby cries
And he’s not hungry or soiled -
He just wants our love.

When all the leaves fall
Trunks stand barren in the cold
Why don't clouds clothe them?

When dawn is breaking
I look back upon my life -
An obdurate night.

When hope and love fade
They’re blossoms that are dying
Mutilated by hatred

When I am lonely
I visualise tomorrows
But they’re empty too

When I look at you
I sense your quest for the truth;
Hope’s lantern shines on.

When I am at peace
Gordian knots all come untied
Life falls into place.

When I touch your face,
You gently whisper my name;
Both acts speak volumes.

When it comes to pets
Dogs have owners, cats have staff –
Just like some humans.

When I’m in the bath
The telephone always rings,
Not at other times!

When I am with you
Forever's not just a word
But the here and now.

When I close my eyes
Darkness fills me with despair -
Please switch on my light.

When I close my eyes
I dream of bright tomorrows
That will never be.

When I think of you
It's Summer in Wintertime
And Spring in Autumn

When life gets you down,
Please remember, don’t forget –
The present’s a gift.

When life makes no sense
Nebulous thoughts swarm my mind
Jostling me further.

When life seems unfair
Let love bathe you in its warmth
Icebergs can't stand heat.

When life's pages rot;
When your words of love go stale...
Who will refresh them?

When my time is through
Remember how I loved you
Think of all we shared

When our eyes first met
Earthquake in all my senses
Shook me to the core.

When our paths converge
Our streams of consciousness bond
And calm the waters

When peace and hope die
And tranquillity departs –
Will the future heal?

When twilight descends
The world takes on a bleak hue,
And all appears lost.

When summer is cold
And winter is very hot
That's my element!

When the darkness falls
Fireflies light up my way home
Pretending they're stars

When the fire dies
The hearth will not be empty
For chill will move in.

When the lightening bolts
Rend the night sky asunder
The mice think it’s fun.

When the ocean moves
At the turn of each neap tide
Life’s cycles renew.

When the stars go out
When darkness envelops me
Love shines anyway.

When there is no wind
The smoke rises from chimneys
Whispering in wisps.

When traffic lights change
Cars stuck in nose-to-tail queues
Don’t even notice...

When twilight descends
The world takes on a bleak hue -
And all appears lost.

When you give your heart
Make sure it's acknowledged -
And keep the receipt.

When you’re feeling low
Comfort’s just a call away
You’ve got my number!

Where do the stars go
When dark clouds obscure the sky?
Glimmers of hope… gone.

Whichever I choose,
Shorthand or word processor –

While a zebra sleeps;
A sabre-toothed tiger smiles,
Certain of his prize.

Whilst there is sunshine
The clouds do not even need
Their silver lining.

Whispering seashells
Tell a tale of aeons past
Each whorl speaks volumes

Whispers in my dreams
Murky shadows in the dark
Creating nightmares.

Whispers in the night
Between two souls that are
One for ever more.

Whispers in the wind
Wond'ring whether wants will wait
Till you don't need them.

White horses foaming
The surface is flecked with froth
But the depths are calm.

Why do flowers grow?
Don’t they know they have to die?
Life awaits its death!

Why do the clouds cry
As the sun hides behind them?
Who has the answer?

Wintertime weather;
Dark clouds have choked the sunshine...
The same old story.

Wish upon a star
In the Golden Galaxy;
And you hope in vain.

Within fairy tales
Where unicorns prance gaily...
There are monsters, too.

Without direction
The soul wanders in circles
We all need Road Maps!

Who dares wins, they say:
I risked taking their advice,
And garnered my prize.

Why is life unfair?
Stars may only shine at night –
Because of the sun!

Will love bring sunshine?
Will it bring rain and thunder?
Only time will tell.

Windmills of my mind
Whirling round without respite
Elusive zephyr

Wintertime weather;
Dark clouds have choked the sunshine...
The same old story.

Winter's here again;
Cold icicle fingernails
Are scarring my soul!

Wishing for music
I turn on the radio –
And I hear dirges!

When all hope seems lost
Summer rain quenches the earth;
Manna from heaven.

When traffic lights change
Cars stuck in nose-to-tail queues
Don't even notice.

Who would have known that
Zebras are merely horses
Wearing pyjamas?

Why is life unfair?
If the well of love runs dry,
What will quench my thirst?

Winter Festival –
Flags flapping in the cool wind –
But I’m so forlorn.

Wonders of nature:
Would a Leopard change his spots?
Or Tiger, his stripes?

Words. Chain reactions.
Indiscriminate chatter.
Never asking why.

Words on a paper
Or evanescent e-mails

Words that speak out loud;
Whispers that are barely heard –
Who hears? Who listens?

Words that wound my soul
Emotions that shatter the night
Scars that never heal.

Words will disappear
Unless written down at once –
Memory plays tricks.

World of make-believe –
Pristine on the surfaces...
Putrid underneath.

“Write a book, said she
“It will be your lifetime’s work!
And then she blessed me.

Writing is my life
I think, I breathe, I dream words;
Then I set them down.

Yellow blooms of spring
Dandelions, daffodils...
And sunflowers too!

Yellow sunshine days
Peach-tinged skies of sunset-time...
Blue halcyon nights.

You can’t really tell
What someone’s really thinking
If their eyes are closed

You could not have known
What you did and said scared me -
The future was then.

You entered my life
Suffused it with inner glow
And taught me to love

You give me a lift
You drive me to happiness –
Transport of delight!

You have two options,
Standing at Decision’s Door;
Enter… or Retreat.

You may not admit
because it mars your image,
that your heart is pure

You whisper my name
It’s like wind in the trees –
No substance… just sound.

Your glance pierced my heart
Like a bullet meets its mark
And my goose was cooked!

Your palms cup my face
Your arms keep me safe and warm –
I like the feeling.

Your words are awesome
Emotive undercurrent
Refracting your love

Haikus copyright © Tanja Cilia

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