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Inspirational Family Poems - Celebrate Family Ties & Mother's Day

Looking for inspirational family poems to read?

Here's several inspiring poems about families and mothers who tend to play a monumental role in people's lives.

When it comes to family, emotions usually run deep. A person's encounter with family ties begins right from one's birth and stretches till the final days of a person's life. As such, we are much influenced by our family members and our mothers. They undeniably play a crucial role in shaping us, our mentality and how we interact with the world at large.

Be it that it's Mother's Day and you're seeking out some sentimental mother poems to read, or looking for family poems that focus on the encouraging aspect of family ties, I hope you'll enjoy the following poems!

A Mother's Love
by Fion Lim


How deep is a mother's love?
How far does a mother's love go?
Is there a limit to her love?
Is there always enough of her love?

A mother will for the love of her children,
Do the things ordinary beings will not do,
Things that are seen as a bother,
She has them done without much fuss.

Always making sure there is ample food for all,
Hiding her countless worries for her children,
Swallowing anger when her pride is bruised,
Forgiving the very child who hurt her feelings.

Taking under her loving and gentle wings,
The little children of her own children,
Pouring her unmatched devotion and affection,
Spelling out the great depth of her endless love.

Now tell me can you measure a mother's love?

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Family Reunions
by Fion Lim

Siblings different as day and night
Same environment we grew up in
Each carrying one's own character
Diverse values and mindsets
Distinct set of life priorities
Living out lives in various ways

When occasion calls for a reunion
Grievances and complaints cast aside
Differences melt into saw dust
Nothing heavy nothing embarrassing
Just happy chat as best as can be
Reveling in family ties for good measure

Memories of the old a common thread
Laughter and merry-making aplenty
Cherishing the limited time together
Basking in unbreakable bonds of kinship
Before each departing back to own life
Oh the ties of family and reunions

Copyright © 2012 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

I'm Going Home
by Fion Lim

The unrelenting tug at my heart
Something is amiss
I've been away from home
For too many days weeks months
I'm going home

My mother she misses me
My family is waiting for me
Kinship binds hearts together
Roots of love run deep
I'm going home

No matter how far I'm away
Oceans mountains or miles apart
A part of me never leaves home
Home is where my family resides
I'm going back home

Copyright © 2012 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

My Family
by Fion Lim

Looking back at my life
my family has always been there
right from the start of my life
we have a long history together

Inevitably there will be moments
of conflicting emotions even anger
yet family is my stronghold
in times of crises and sufferings

When I was down
my family was there to pick me up
when I was unwell and ill
my family poured forth love and care

During times when I was lost
I was guided back to my family
during times when I was fornlorn
my family was my undying supporters

Through tears and anguish
through joys and laughters
through growing up and maturing
my family weathered through it all

My heart fills up tenderly
with love and appreciation
with deep emotions and deep gratitude
my family is always a part of my life!

Copyright © 2012 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

by Author Unknown


I've heard it said don't go to bed
while hanging on to sorrow,
you may not have the chance to laugh
with those you love tomorrow.

You may not mean the words you speak
when anger takes its toll,
you may regret your actions
once you've lost your self-control.

When you've lost your temper
and you've said some hurtful things,
think about the heartache
that your actions sometimes bring.

You'll never get those moments back,
such precious time to waste,
and all because of things you said
in anger and in haste.

So if you really love someone
and your pride has settled in,
you may not ever have the chance
to say to them again....

"I love you and I miss you,
and although we don't agree,
I'll try to see your point of view,
please do the same for me."

Songs for My Mother
by Anna Hempstead Branch

Mother and Daughter


Her Hands

My mother's hands are cool and fair,
They can do anything.
Delicate mercies hide them there
Like flowers in the spring.

When I was small and could not sleep,
She used to come to me,
And with my cheek upon her hand
How sure my rest would be.

For everything she ever touched
Of beautiful or fine,
Their memories living in her hands
Would warm that sleep of mine.

Her hands remember how they played
One time in meadow streams, --
And all the flickering song and shade
Of water took my dreams.

Swift through her haunted fingers pass
Memories of garden things; --
I dipped my face in flowers and grass
And sounds of hidden wings.

One time she touched the cloud that kissed
Brown pastures bleak and far; --
I leaned my cheek into a mist
And thought I was a star.

All this was very long ago
And I am grown; but yet
The hand that lured my slumber so
I never can forget.

For still when drowsiness comes on
It seems so soft and cool,
Shaped happily beneath my cheek,
Hollow and beautiful.


Her Words

My mother has the prettiest tricks
Of words and words and words.
Her talk comes out as smooth and sleek
As breasts of singing birds.

She shapes her speech all silver fine
Because she loves it so.
And her own eyes begin to shine
To hear her stories grow.

And if she goes to make a call
Or out to take a walk
We leave our work when she returns
And run to hear her talk.

We had not dreamed these things were so
Of sorrow and of mirth.
Her speech is as a thousand eyes
Through which we see the earth.

God wove a web of loveliness,
Of clouds and stars and birds,
But made not any thing at all
So beautiful as words.

They shine around our simple earth
With golden shadowings,
And every common thing they touch
Is exquisite with wings.

There's nothing poor and nothing small
But is made fair with them.
They are the hands of living faith
That touch the garment's hem.

They are as fair as bloom or air,
They shine like any star,
And I am rich who learned from her
How beautiful they are.

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