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Inspiring Poems

Here's a collection of inspiring poems I've written over the years.

When I first built this website, I wanted to start a section on poems but I was sorely lacking in poems to share with my site visitors. So back then, I decided to write some poems myself to get the ball rolling.

Soon after, I compiled a number of inspirational poems written by poets from the past and the present and shared them here. Later, I opened up to receive original poems submissions from site visitors, and that's when a lot more poems started to appear on this site.

I'm not a poet, but even if one of my poems has brought encouragement, hope or cheer to some of you, the hours I've put into writing are worth it.

Thank you for reading!

A Guided Purpose

Think About It

Fluttering mind, fluttering mind,
Calm yourself down and have a rest.

Slow down the busyness of your mind,
And cool off your many distractions.

There's the calming effect of a fixed purpose,
Which slays all doubts, worries and fears.

Once you found a goal to commit to,
Your powerful mind sets to work in a tenacious way.

No hesitancy, no pull back, no excuses,
Removing all obstacles that stand in the way.

Upon reaching the far-fetched goal,
You wonder at the marvel of it all.

A greater power seems to be at work,
Guiding you along the line of fulfilling your aim.

The power of a committed purpose,
It lies within your powerful mind.

Copyright © 2007 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

A Simple Day


To wake up in the morning, knowing you're still alive,
To know you have a choice each day, starting afresh,
To find joy in everyday, acknowledging simple pleasures,
To live in the present moment, engaging your awareness,
To count the blessings in life, believing abundance abounds,
To enjoy the work you do, following your passion,
To make a little difference, adding to the universe,
To be what you are, listening to your inner being,
To give away love, rejoicing in the chance to give,
To receive love with gratitude, feeling good about it,
To smile at strangers, seeing how infectious it can be,
To speak words of kindness, spreading a little warmth,
To understand with compassion, opening up your mind,
To play with children, nurturing your inner child,
To appreciate the nature, soaking up all the beauty,
To feel the warmth of the sun, glowing upon your skin,
To listen to the falling rain, pattering on the grounds
To taste the richness of food, sliding down your throat,
To smell the freshness of air, filling up your lungs,
To see the falling night, concluding a well-lived day,
That's life, that's living,
That's the core of what really matters...
And if I've missed out anything,
Please let love make up for all of it.

Copyright © 2007 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.



Do I call it a mere coincidence,
or could it be from a higher power,
Alerting me to the mistake I've made,
Giving me another chance to rectify it?

Could it be my subconscious mind,
Picking out on the miss out I've failed to see,
Attracting another chance for me to make good?

Perhaps it's due to some good I've done before,
Now returning the favor in an unexpected way,
Opening a way for me to right the error I've done.

Whatever it may be,
Coincidences, luck or karma,
I'm grateful for the red alert,
To make good before any damage is done.

I'm blessed and I feel blessed,
I simply accept the graciousness given,
And fill my little heart with gratitude.

Copyright © 2007 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Let Go

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life,
Yet over changing seasons and passing time,
You will have to learn to let go of certain
People, relationships, situations and things,
That fall way beyond your control.

Tenacity and the attitude of not giving up,
Work wonders on many occasions but not all,
As some things just are not meant to be,
No matter how hard you fight and cling to them,
And forcing your will upon things just repel them further.

There will always be people,
Who will turn out in ways you've never expected,
And it dawns on you that you have to let them go,
So that they can fulfill their destinies,
While you go on to fulfill your own life path.

As life likes to dish out surprises and challenges,
Sometimes it is only through letting go,
When your heart cries in anguish,
That in the agonizing process that you realize,
What is truly worth holding onto.

Letting go does not signify weakness,
As it might take more courage to let go than holding on,
Like the big, inflexible tree that snaps in the storm,
While tiny blades of grasses yield and live on,
Revealing the strength of letting go.

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

May You Have Enough


May you have a healthy body,
To move around freely and roam wherever you desire to go.
May you have good vision,
To enjoy all the beauty the universe has to offer you.
May you have good listening ears,
To hear all the mighty tales and incredible stories that make up life.
May you have a good sense of smell,
To inhale in all the rich aromas and fragrances floating in the air.
May you have a warm sense of touch,
To give out loving hugs and comforting pats.
May you speak with kindness from your heart,
To soothe someone's hurt and to uplift someone's mood.
May you have lots of laughter,
To brighten up someone's day and make a difference.
May you have lots of courage,
To go after your dreams and turn them into reality.
May you have lots of love,
To spread around and leave this world a better place.
May you have enough to feel blessed,
And to share your gift of blessings with others too.

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

One Person's Finds


What you deem as beautiful,
Might be an eye sore to another.

What you eye with great distaste,
Might be another's marvelous find.

The value of a thing really depends,
Much on the interpretation of the beholder.

Do not be surprised when your junk,
Transformed into another person's treasure.

Do not be shocked when your most precious,
Turned into worthless scrap in another's heart.

To each his own,
To each her own.

May you revel in the joy of your own taste,
And salute the choices of others.

May you embrace the absurdities of life,
With much patience and laughter.

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Past, Present, Future


Don't get stuck in the past,
Where you linger on and on in familiarity,
And replay old memories over and over again.

Don't overindulge in the future,
Where you daydream about leading a grand life endlessly,
And imagine the sweetest days you could ever live.

Don't neglect your present,
Where true life begins to unfold and pass you by silently,
And you wonder about missed opportunities and lost moments.

For lessons, quietly contemplate about your past,
And you might realize life has cleverly placed you in situations,
That demand you to rise up to the challenge and to grow.

To reduce your anxiety and panic attacks, make plans for your future,
And you might see that your dreams and goals are acting like guiding lights,
Shining the path for you to follow through and learning to overcome your fears.

To avoid the state of merely existing, be aware of your present,
And you might notice that you are part of a grander scheme,
Where the past is long gone and the future has yet to come,
And that your present is the most precious moment you could ever feel.

Your past and your future both lie in your present,
Where your present wields the power to influence and change,
The way you think about your past either with gratitude or with regret,
And shape your future to either a success or a failure.

Live totally in the present,
Enjoying each and every moment,
Where it is all happening,
Where it truly matters. < />

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved

Recommit, Refocus, Rejuvenate


As I sat on my bed
Pen in hand
Journal on lap
Mind splitting in tearing directions

My mind has declared vacation
Leaving my heart frantic
Mister Time mercilessly ticking by
A fresh year advancing fast

Reviewing months before
Alas some goals failed to materialize
Even when birthed from best intentions
Lack of focus escalating tension

Stop and take a deep breath,
Breath in breath out relax
Clear away clouds of mind fluff
Affirmations seeping through in comfort

Repeat, reaffirm, reassure,
Clutching these affirmations
Like a lifeline to regaining balance
Slowing down erratic heartbeats

A new chance to recommit will come again
Weaving up moments for one to refocus
Cuing one to rejuvenate as and when
Finally gathering my scattered wits

Affirming gently in my heart
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate
Recommit, refocus, rejuvenate!

Copyright © 2008 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

Stay Vigilant

How tempting it is to slack off
in perceived good times and success!

Then in dismay to discover
how paper thin and false security could be!

To build an indomitable fortress
let's constantly stay vigilant!

Let's not rest on our laurels
but be ever advancing towards progress!

Copyright © 2012 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

When I Was...

Take Your Time
When I was 7,
Whenever it rained,
I thought the whole world was raining.

When I was 15,
Whenever I faced a problem,
I thought I had the biggest issue.

When I was 18,
Whenever I partied and stayed out late,
I thought I had an exciting life.

When I was 21,
Whenever I thought about my future,
I thought that money and success would come easily to me.

When I was 23,
Whenever there was talk about careers,
I thought my qualifications and expectations would bring me far.

When I was 25,
Whenever I saw others made mistakes,
I thought I had the answers and would be better than them.

When I was 28,
When I was down with nothing much,
No career, no love relationship, no achievement,
I realized I had to let go in order to move forward,
I realized making mistakes are part of life,
I realized I was not that young anymore.

When I was 30,
I realized I had to overcome the love of ease,
I realized listening to one's heart means taking risks,
I realized other's silence does not mean agreement,
I realized I grow by learning from my mistakes.

Now that I'm 31,
I realized that no matter what I do or don't do will still evoke disapproval,
I realized people are generally busy thinking about themselves,
I realized different view points make my life more interesting,
I realized I can win more friends by really listening to others,
I realized being patient and monitoring results are crucial to my work,
I realized jealousy exposed my insecurities and damaged my relationship,
I realized honest appreciation rather than criticism brings more love,
I realized love and encouragement can spur one to achievement,
I realized love is more important than winning and being right,
I realized saying I love you and I'm sorry with sincerity work wonders.

As I took a deep breath,
And realized once again,
That there are many "I realized" that I have yet to experience.

Copyright © 2006 Fion Lim. All rights reserved.

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