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The Poetry of Gorg Borg

The line of sea shore

Gorg Borg is a Maltese poet and this selection of poems can be found in his two books "Solitude on the Sandy Shore" and "Water Blossoms". Both are translated from Maltese into English by Joe M. Ruggier who lives in Canada. The book containing these translations is titled "The Poetry of George Borg" and it was published in Canada in 2000.

A Barefooted Maiden

Upon this moonlit night
in the field
which the sounds of water bless
a barefooted maiden passes
in the whispering whiteness
of a silken dress.

The night is all attention,
how large the moon‚€™s caress.

A Silent Swan

This was a silent swan
on silver waters
beneath a full moon.

A wish, sorrowful and sensual,
yet living on
after the deluge.

A Tear

I am a tear
that knows the saltiness
that the walls betray.
Knowing also the salt
that the Ocean
will never give away.

Beneath the Bridge

I built your body leaf by leaf
beneath the junction;
I touched it gently for i loved it
smooth as unction.

but the powerful wind that blew
beneath the bridge
spilt you leaf by leaf once more
as you were before.

I am a Huge Tree

I am a huge tree
and you are the sea.

I strip my leaves in winter
and beneath the gentle
moonlight brood.

Beside me you reflect
in the liquid calm
beauty in the nude.

Both of us caught tight
in a snow-white night.

Night of Love

Into your heaven
I went up two stars to light

the night was made of love
my heart all silence quite.


I shall seize
sometime your rose-tint body
making out of it
flowers and trees.

And to arouse you
I shall myself
become a breeze.

Sandy Beach

I have been
since time‚€™s initiation
a small, sandy beach
rejoicing in creation.

And always upon me
the breezes of April awoke
the sweetest stirrings
and gentlest arousings.

The tress consoled me
and with breezes barcaroled me.

The sun that loved me,
with an eager dart
heated my heart.

The dear, wide ocean,
caress‚€™d me with its motion.

the human species
lie on me in a mess
and abuse, abuse
my body of finesse.


On your lips so gently parted
I am pouring
rays upon rays of stars
and around you I create
heavenly, glorious, spacious bars.

Sweet Madonna

Sweet Madonna,
if you turned on the radio, heard the news,
or in the paper read the latest views,
or hiked with silent shoes‚€™
or saw close by my brethren
in cities or afar,
You know this world of ours
Is all with wars ajar.

Sweet Madonna,
if you can understand why words have failed us,
or all our finest skills like smoke evade us,
come back on this world of ours,
live with us through the days
and on us then you‚€™ll scatter
peace, peace and Love‚€™s own rays.

Tell me

TELL ME, do you still
wish to dream dreams that whiten
in a field
beneath the blue?
Lie down and untighten
and the silence around you
shall trickle like water through.

This Sea

This sea
has a mighty enchantment,
of all spiritual blue,
has a freshness so restful
of a primordial day

this sea is your eyes.

Poems copyright © Gorg Borg

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