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Positive Poems - Submitted

The Importance of Kindness  starstarstarstarstar
There‚€™s a question we never tire asking of kids,
‚€œWhen you grow up, what do you want to be?‚€
We listen to them with patience,
As they ramble on with ...

Hawaiian Skies  starstarstarstarstar
This poem just flowed while I was sitting on my lanai with a cool drink. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hawaiian Skies

The ...

Welcome My Tomorrow starstarstarstarstar
Most of my time...
I was wondering why...
why this and why that...

Most of my time...
I've been asking ...
If only this and if only that...

Most ...

Through a Child's Eyes  starstarstarstarstar
Light of day.
Has crawled out to play.
When you're awake.
They come out of the bay.

They skip and jump.
Come out to be seen.
Get you on your ...

Flows of Love  starstarstarstarstar
Our Hearts flutter, as we utter these words of Love,
The words that fill our hearts with Love from Above,
Even though we cannot see, we still look ...

A Moment of Serenity  starstarstarstarstar
When everything in life seems quite insane,
And you can‚€™t live a day without some pain,
Just close your eyes and get back to serenity
Because in that ...

Released  starstarstarstarstar
As I open my window
And breathe the fresh air
I release my sorrow
And all my despair

As signs of hope
Come fluttering in
My need to cope
Goes ...

The Day I Will Never Forget  Not rated yet
One day I will never forget is when I saw a shooting star. This night was very memorable because God answered my prayer that night, our connection grew ...

Life's Blessings  Not rated yet
In the morning when you wake,
thank God for your blessings.
Thank Him for the sun and the rain,
thank Him for relieving the stress
pounding on ...

God's Masterpiece   Not rated yet
My face might not be as beautiful as others,
but my face is still God's Masterpiece.
My smile might not be as bright as others,
but my smile is still ...


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